Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo Reviews

Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo Chris Poisal

Sensei does an amazing job with the younger kids. He teaches them discipline and respect while they also have fun. He also teaches them some real world skills and techniques.

Chris Poisal

Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo Kari Vipperman

We are on week 3 and from day one my son has become less shy! The instructors are wonderful and very talented! I highly recommend this Academy to kids of every age

Kari Vipperman

Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo Mike Andrews

Our Son went to Loveless Academy for three years. Not only did he receive excellent instruction, but Sensei Loveless made it fun to learn. Our Son loved it. Sensei and his wife are great people who really care about the kids and do a great job of teaching your child good work ethic, skill and respect. We were so sad to leave when we moved back to the States.

Mike Andrews

Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo Corey Palmer

Our son has been going to Karate at this Dojo and we all absolutely love it!!! The Loveless's are so kind and all of the instructors are amazing with the kids. They are patient and make sure that they give each child the attention and instructions they need to learn and improve upon their skills. My son has tried many different sports and forms of karate but was never excited about going to practice for any of them. Since starting karate at the Loveless Academy he is excited for class and is the one who reminds us that it is a karate night! We have attended different karate classes at a few different Dojo's and Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo is hands down the best and worth EVERY penny! We won't go anywhere else!!!!

Corey Palmer

Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo Robert Smith

The Loveless Academy of Karate and Kobudo. The Premiere Martial Arts School! Take it from me. A 32 year, veteran martial artist who began my journey under the guidance of Sensei Loveless. There is no better instruction, level of training, or facilities. Everything at the Loveless Academy is first rate, and amongst the very best in the world, all while being significantly less expensive than the world wide average. I highly encourage you to enroll your child/and or yourself in the programs at the Loveless Academy. They are quite literally, life changing. The four and a half years I spent in Kaiserslautern training under Sensei are amongst the very best, most influencial years of my life. Mr. Loveless is a mentor, and a life long friend. I am forever grateful to him.

Robert Smith

Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo Maria Gelsthorpe

We enrolled our 3 children with the idea they would benefit from additional physical activity and learning basic self-defense. They’ve gained much more in addition to that! Our child with ADHD is noticeably more skillful at impulse control and all of them have a stronger sense of self-awareness and greater confidence in themselves.

Sensei’s sense of humor and ability to put even the youngest student at ease, while simultaneously pushing the class to do its best, is inspiring. He understands children have varying levels of natural ability and knows how to use that in class. Mrs. Loveless’ cheerful, genuine interest in the families quickly puts all at ease. Highly recommend Loveless Academy!!

Maria Gelsthorpe

Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo Andrew Sheley

I trained at Loveless Academy for 8 years and it taught me so many things. It taught me discipline, self control, confidence and to never give up. Being there from the time I was eight until I was sixteen, Loveless Academy was a really big part of my life because the instructors were so interested in helping me be the best I could be. I admired Sensei Loveless’s emphasis on the traditional karate, as well as the different styles that were brought in by other instructors, which is unique to Loveless Academy. It really is the best dojo in the KMC, and I would recommend it to anyone in that area!

Andrew Sheley

Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo Derrick Patterson

Our kids learned displine and a deep knowledge of the techniques. The sparing lessons are top notch. My kids were able to compete with other kids of different art forms upon returning to the states at different competitions with no problems.

Derrick Patterson

Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo Manfred H. Bemme

I have been training and teaching at the Loveless Academy since 2008. It's not only the best martial arts school in the Kaiserslautern Military Community. It's also a place where great martial artists from various arts and styles meet and share their experience. I have learned so much here over the years. Thanks to Sensei Michael J. Loveless, who is a true master and friend.

Manfred H. Bemme

Loveless Academy of Karate & Kobudo Chris N Trish Lucero

Our son’s confidence has grown, his self discipline has improved, and his interest in what started off as a one hour lesson turned into a passion of knowledge for a lifetime. Best time and money investment we ever made! Sensai Loveless and his wife Ute are the best!!

Chris N Trish Lucero

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